Das Totale Tanz Theater - A VR Experience

Das Totale Tanz Theater - A VR Experience
April 4, 2019

The multi-user interactive VR Experience Das Totale Tanz Theater explores the relationship between humankind and machine - using dance and technology in equal parts. In 2019, Walter Gropius’ dream for an immersive theater, and Oskar Schlemmer’s stage experiments, come alive — in virtual reality.


Inspired by Oskar Schlemmer's stage experiments and Gropius' idea of the Total Theater, we created a virtual world of costumed dance machines, exploring the question of the human-machine relationship in the digital age. Based on Schlemmer's art, more than 200 pencil sketches were created in order to develop the four digital costumes which react in their digital form to the expression of the real dancer and unfold their most beautiful form through the movement.


We worked with renowned choreographer Richard Siegal and his team of talented dancers. Paying attention to every detail, their bodies were scanned and applied onto 3D models. Over the course of a three-week mocap shooting, we created an archive of 800 single movements which served as the basis for the programming of the interactive choreography.


Equipped with VR goggles and a controller, four visitors at a time embark on a journey through multiple levels of a vast, virtual stage space.

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