Dance Meets VR Technology In 'Levitation' (Video)

Dance Meets VR Technology In 'Levitation' (Video)
December 4, 2016

Levitation is a dance performance choreographed by Anna Abalikhina and designed by Sila Sveta studio for the show Bolshoi Ballet for Russia K TV.


The video went globally viral, receiving over five million views within a month. Sila Sveta developed 
 the creative concept and visual graphics for the act and introduced its graphic script designed in unity with the choreography. 

For us it was an opportunity to experiment with no limitations and test technologies developed in-house by the studio itself. We produced special graphics and used an unconventional shooting angle to create an illusion of the dancer levitating in air. To create 
a smooth viewing experience, the project team led by Sila Sveta’s Art Director Arthur Kondrashenkov needed to define the best location for the camera, as well as the most suitable choreography and graphic imagery because the graphics and dance moves were designed simultaneously. 

Another key feature of the project was the graphic imagery itself, which was rendered in real time during the performance, adapting to the moves of the dancer and the camera without 
 any post-production. This was the first and a unique opportunity for the team to implement 
a tracking system based on the Unity Development software. Levitation is a distinctive project demonstrating unprecedented technological solutions, which can be further developed for 
art installations and commercial projects.

Arthur Kondrashenkov comments: “Levitation is a unique non-commercial experiment with 
a large team involved, including staff of the TV channel, the choreographer and the filming crew. From the very beginning they gave Sila Sveta complete artistic freedom. This was a great experience of working with complex tracking software and generative content”.



Art Director: Arthur Kondrashenkov
Choreographer: Anna Abalikhina
Creative Producer: Alexander Us
Producers: Aleksey Rozov, Denis Astakhov, Alexander Us
Project Manager: Alexander Cherstvov
Music and Sound Design: Mitya Vikhornov
Dancer: Jury Chulkov
Coding and Technical Support: Denis Akopov, Dmitry Napolnov
Storyboard: Polina Sukhanova, Adeliya Koldarova
Concept of a whale: Daria Shurkina

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