Cupid Escapes Painting At Brussels Airport In AR

Cupid Escapes Painting At Brussels Airport In AR
July 16, 2018

First there was art and architecture to draw us to Belgium, then beer, football, and chocolate – and EU politics, of course. Now, Skullmapping is adding AR to the attractions.


Well, look up, people! Seriously, wouldn’t this get your attention at an airport even if you were on a mind-numbing wait for a long-delayed, long-haul flight? An angel breaking loose from a Peter Paul Rubens painting and flying around on its own?


The amazing augmented reality (AR) tech stunt is by Skullmapping, an artistic collective founded in 2010 by Filip Sterckx and Antoon Verbeeck, and is part of a bigger campaign by VisitFlanders to get more people interested in art and visiting museums.


Filip is renowned for work that breaks through the traditional 2D screen to project artistic animations onto buildings or sculptures. Antoon is a visual artist with a strong 3D illusion running through his work. Together, they create virtual reality (VR) as well as AR and hologram pieces such as this war memorial work for Leuven city cemetery.


Earlier this year, they brought extinct animals back to life in Urban Safari for the Ghent Light Festival, and their Le Petit Chef series will leave you gasping. Watch this lucky group of diners being treated to their own petit chef AR dessert creation and say you don’t want this experience!


“We deal with art in an experimental, technology-related way,” says Skullmapping. Understatement of the year from the New Masters?


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