Chinese Calligraphy Just Got A Gorgeous VR Reboot

Chinese Calligraphy Just Got A Gorgeous VR Reboot
June 2, 2017

As they say, the VR wand is mightier than the sword.


The traditional art of Chinese calligraphy is getting a breath of digital modernity, thanks to a new VR installation by the Taiwan National Palace Museum, and technology show Computex.


The project is claimed to be the world's first VR calligraphy installation.


After you put on the headset, you're greeted by a beautiful Chinese pavilion, as traditional Chinese characters float in the background.

The whole experience, viewed in VR, is amazingly gorgeous — and it almost feels like you're being transported to a scene out of ancient China. 


The screen then shifts, and suddenly you're in an empty room with nothing but a calligraphy pen. 

But how convenient — all you have to do is trace over the words in the background — and now you've written your first character in Chinese calligraphy.


The words actually have to be written very precisely. Miss out even a stroke — as I did — and you'll be prompted to repeat it again until you get the character perfectly right. 


Here's how you'll look like IRL tho: 

The creators made sure to tap on history for inspiration. The style was drawn from "Autobiography," a Tang dynasty masterpiece by Huai Su, that dates back to around the year 777.


The exhibition, aptly named The Spirit of Autobiography, is available at the Computex technology show until June 3.


So if you happen to be here — don't forget to try your hand at some Chinese calligraphy.

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