"Bringing VR To Artists In Oaxaca City, Mexico"

"Bringing VR To Artists In Oaxaca City, Mexico"
May 11, 2018

We're about half-way there! (With the help of some behind-the-scenes, tax-deductible donations.)


- We're bringing VR training and equipment to artists in Oaxaca.

- This is important for three reasons: (1) this is a ground-breaking new artistic medium; (2) the equipment is pretty damn expensive; and (3) we don't want just rich people making VR...

- There are some pretty amazing rewards here, so you should check probably check those out.

- If you would prefer your donation to be tax deductible, please contact me directly: info@flatsitter.com



- My name is Kyle and I'm the art director for a collective called FLATSITTER. I'm trying to inject some blood into virtual reality.

- Backed in 2017, I raised funds to tour a mobile VR gallery across North America. That was wild. I delivered over 30,000 experiences to folks at: Moogfest, Satellite Art Show, Burning Man, Desert Daze Festival, Music Box Village, Ace Hotels in Portland / LA / NYC / Pittsburgh; Electric Eclectics Festival, Silo City, Satellite Art Show in Miami Beach, and about 100 other stops in between. The bus now lives in Landers, California with Aimee and Colin. You can go visit: http://thedreamwanderer.com



Here's a quick recounting of my sordid love affair with Oaxaca:

- As part of my North American bus tour, I drove down into Mexico in January 2017 to engage with Mexican audiences and to escape being in the US for the inauguration out of sheer embarrassment.

- On a whim, I stopped in Oaxaca City and fell in looooove.

- In fact, I fell so hard that I went back in July 2017 for an artist residency at Obracadobra (http://www.obracadobra.com). During this residency, I created a VR experience called "Las Olas" -- I call it a life cycle fever dream, and it features photography and voice from Lizette Flores (Oax) and music from Cages (Buffalo) and is in both Spanish and English.

- I then went back to my bus lifestyle and came back to Oaxaca in October 2017 to exhibit "Las Olas" at San Pablo -- a 16th century Dominican convent turned arts space.

-I'm planning on heading back this June to work with a team of artists to produce a new VR piece that is going to be dark and scary and intense and is giving me nightmares already. I'm hoping to premiere this piece during Dia de los Muertos 2018, and to leave the piece running to generate additional revenue for this new lab.



- (2) Computer w/ beefed up GPU @ $1500

- (2) VR Headset @ $400

-(2) Subpac M2 @ $300

- (2) Headphones @ $40

- Travel / Accommodation: $1,200

- Commercial Lease (3 months trial): $2100



- Maybe you can share this campaign on your social things?

- Maybe you know someone at Oculus / HTC / Nvidia that can get us a discount on things?



- (Apologies for the typos from transcribing. You can see original, written reviews here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/DjWlZxQZyopkSsvG2

- "¡Me gusta mucho! Fue una experiencia diferente pero increíble, hay momentos de relajación, angustia miedo, diferentes sensaciones en un solo momento. Mas dinámicas asi! :)".


"El viaje, la transportación, subir, penetrar, estremecimiento. Angustia. Estallido en soles planetarios, negro amenaza de muerte, pero la muerte no existe. El naranja siempre vence al sueño del soñador!"


"Fue algo genial. Me pareció algo de otro mundo, sentí diferentes sensaciones, y un poco de miedo, felicidad, sorpresa y hasta tranquilidad. Pienso que todos deberían vivir esto al menos una vez en su vida. Excelente trabajo, digno de presentar."


"Una experiencia definitivamente emotiva y propositiva, la música, la fotografía, la poesía un todo increíble que mueve los sentidos y por momentos te transporta a sucesos, detalles, circunstancias en las que el proceso ocurre. Me encantó."


"Gracias por ponerme en un mundo onírico, visceral, extraterrestre/terrestre -- entering into and emerging from... Me entregué al viaje y los disfruté mucho."

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