VR Lets You Hit The Gym Without Leaving Home

VR Lets You Hit The Gym Without Leaving Home
August 31, 2019

Thanks to VR technology, you can hit the gym without ever leaving your home.


Virtual realityOpens a New Window. is for more than video games. Now, it's giving people a whole new way to get fit while in their living roomsOpens a New Window..


CEO and co-founder of FitXROpens a New Window. Sam Cole said his company is just one of several looking to capitalize on the expanding VR technologyOpens a New Window. by teaching people how to virtually box in their app: BoxVR. Think of their app like a combination of the popular video game "Guitar Hero" and an in-studio boxing workout.


"What you see when you're in the experience is a whole bunch of cues that fly at you on the beat of the music and those cues represent different punch moves," Cole told FOX.


According to Cole, its app can be used by anyone, no matter their skill level.

Screenshot of BOXVR if one were using it to workout (FITVR)


Experts say the future of VROpens a New Window. will include fitness in a big way.


"For the first time, virtual reality is really accessible to the masses, I believe," Cole said. "No longer do you need a big PC and lots of cables around the experience. It's there, and it's standalone, and it just works."


FITVR certainly isn't the only player in the VR fitness game. Here are some popular ones:


Beat Saber

Beat Saber is a VR rhythm game where participants can slash beats of music flying toward them.

Sprint Vector

Sprint Vector is a multiplayer game that merges extreme sports competition inside what almost looks like a futuristic game show course.


If you love dodgeball but don't like the idea of getting hit in the face, Sparc is your game. You can play multiple sports like tennis and boxing.

Many of these games are available on platforms like Oculus RiftOpens a New Window., PlayStation VR, HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality.

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