Nedd Strikes Again With This Insanely Cute AR Kitten

Nedd Strikes Again With This Insanely Cute AR Kitten
March 16, 2018
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“Walkie Talkie Cat” is an AR character personified in real time thanks to face tracking


Nedd released today a video demo of their "Walkie Talkie Cat", a brand new way to communicate thanks to Augmented Reality.


The application, designed with ARKit, shows an Augmented Reality character - here, a cat - which is remotely animated by another user through voice and face tracking.


Unlike other communication tools that use avatars, like Animoji, everything happens here in real time. The cat's facial animations are synchronized with that of the person who is speaking, and the body is also animated according to the voice and its intensity.


All of this gives the impression that the cat is really "present" and alive.


Adding icing on the cake, the app recognizes certain emotions and accentuates them visually; so when the speaker is sad, for example, the cat's ears are lowered, his pupils widen, and his hands join.


This feature makes the tool even more fun and surprising. The technology used for "Walkie Talkie Cat" offers many possible use cases, for fun applications or for services involving remote assistance.


Nedd is already working on a first case, which will be presented at the end of May 2018.


About Nedd “Walkie Talkie Cat” was conceived and developed by French digital innovation agency Nedd ( Specialized in immersive technologies. the agency introduced an augmented reality “Inter-dimensional portal” last year, based on Apple Arkit.

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