Laser Game Brings Ravid Rabbids To Montréal

Laser Game Brings Ravid Rabbids To Montréal
March 6, 2018
VR sounds chicer in French! From Montréal to Paris, Brussels to Tahiti, Dakar to Geneva, 'Haute VR' informs you about everything that's going on in the francophone world of Virtual Reality.


French design and manufacturing firm Groupe Artea has announced the opening of a brand new Laser Game Evolution center yesterday at the Marché Central in Montréal, Canada.


Having contributed to the design and fabrication of the Laser Game Evolution center, the company has revealed that virtual reality (VR) experiences are unique to the location, offering guests even more immersive gaming opportunities.


The opening marks the launch of VR Quest, a VR solution that features multiple gameplay options. Using HTC Vive headsets and backpack PC’s players will be able to choose either Virtual Lapins Cretins: The Big Maze or The Minotaur’s Maze. In the first title – based on Ubisoft’s Raving Rabbids – players have to shoot their way through hordes of mental rabbits whilst trying to escape the maze. In the latter experience players have to defend themselves against groups of skeletons whilst scaling narrow ledges at more than 50m above the sea.


VR Quest is setup like a maze, with guests able to touch and feel real walls that represent the ones found in the virtual worlds. This not only makes the VR experience that bit more immersive, it also helps to slow players down so they don’t bump into each other or any other physical object.


Location-based VR is becoming big business as companies look to new ways of entertaining the public. From VR arcades to theme parks with VR roller coasters. VR developers are even getting in on the action, adapting home VR experiences to warehouse scale attractions, such as Vertigo Games and its Arizona Sunshine LB VR Edition.


Groupe Artea will also be responsible for the expansion of Laser Game Evolution in North America.

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