Stunning 360° Videos To Explore The Milky Way

Stunning 360° Videos To Explore The Milky Way
December 30, 2016

Before you watch these simply stunning 360 videos of the Milky Way let’s discover what it actually is. The Milky Way is our home Galaxy, it has our Solar System as one small part of it.


From Earth, the Milky Way Galaxy appears as a band of light from the countless stars that are clustered in it. The reason it looks like a band is because it is a disc-shaped Galaxy and we are viewing it from within, pretty cool huh?


Now let us blow your mind! The Milky Way is one Galaxy, we can see how many Stars and Solar Systems are a part of it. They are impossible to count! It is estimated though that the Milky Way has between 100 – 400 Billion Stars!


You would think that each Star would have a couple of planets rotating around it at least, so it is possible that there are over 1 Trillion planets in our little Galaxy.


It gets better, the Milky Way is one of 2 Trillion Galaxies in our Observable Universe.

2 Trillion looks like this – 2,000,000,000,000! Now if start to think of how many stars and how many planets are in our Observable Universe and you will find that your brain could possible start frying.


The point must also be made that we have never viewed the Milky Way from outside simply because we have not managed to get a device that far away from Earth.


So, I hope that your understanding of how amazing our Milky Way is makes these 360 Degree Video’s even better. These videos are best viewed in our Google Cardboard VR Headsets.

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