London Commuters Go Places With Free VR Headsets

London Commuters Go Places With Free VR Headsets
March 6, 2018

THERE’S nothing worse than a commute with nothing to do.


But Virtual Reality headsets could be the answer to train boredom – which customers travelling from Oxford to London discovered this morning.

Commuters were able to escape the drudgery of their daily commute last week by travelling to Australia with VR headsets


It might be chilly outside but commuters were able to visit Western Australia on a Chiltern Railways train.


The experience was part of a stunt by Tourism Western Australia.


The VR headsets let the commuters swim with whale sharks on Nigaloo Reef and go cycling through the Rottnest Island nature reserve.


They were also able to meet quokkas – marsupials with cute faces who have been named the world’s happiest animals.

Commuters got the chance to swim in the sea with whale sharks
They also got to explore the Aussie coastline when they wore the virtual reality headsets


Experts are predicting that VR headsets are going to take off in a big way when it comes to commuting.


Dr Darrel Greenhill from the Department of Networks and Digital Media at Kingston University said: “We’re just getting started in terms of what is possible for virtual reality.


“I would imagine we will start to see VR being used much more widely over the next few years.


“I don’t think it will be long before commuters using VR becomes a commonplace reality – in some ways it’s surprising more people aren’t doing it already."

Experts are predicting that virtual reality headsets will soon be the norm on commutes
The headsets mean that people aren't aware of what's going on around them, so augmented reality could be a better option in future


He continued: "The VR experience could be specifically designed to take the user away from the drudgery of the daily commute.


“There are so many possibilities for this technology - visiting a place you’ve never been, games, educational purposes or even doing your shopping virtually.


“And augmented reality could be an alternative to virtual reality for commuters as it is less intrusive and you can see what’s going on around you at the same time.”


Eurostar is ahead of the game on this one  -last year they launched new virtual reality headsets  that let passengers see what’s lurking in the sea as they travel.

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