Instantly Turn Your iPhone Into An AR Powerhouse

Instantly Turn Your iPhone Into An AR Powerhouse
July 12, 2020
These AR goggles make the most of immersive games, interactive learning and 360-degree movies.
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The power of the new iPhones to produce augmented reality experiences is really amazing. Thanks to powerful graphics processing and cameras, it’s possible to overlay convincing 3D images over the real world.


Unfortunately, the only way to get that AR experience is typically through the phone screen — but not so with this headset and accessories.


MagiMask and MagiTools combine for a powerful AR experience from any AR-compatible phone. The mask component converts your phone into an immersive, high-resolution headset. That’s perfect for watching movies, TV and full-screen augmented reality experiences. It upconverts your phone resolution four times higher than split-screen VR goggles, so you can enjoy full visual fidelity.


Also included are MagiTools — a glyphed-out tile, dice and card — that are perfect for physical interaction with digital models, games and applications. Whether you just want to watch content and play games or want to go deeper and develop your own AR experiences, this is the toolkit to do it.

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