How To Host A VR Meetup With AltspaceVR

How To Host A VR Meetup With AltspaceVR
January 31, 2017
“Fresh, meet Lana. She’s also a poet.”


What began like a typical meetup of individuals who share a common interest quickly broke with the norm. On Tuesday, Jan 17, a group of self-described writers and ‘not-a-writer-but-I-try-a-lot’s met up in a cozy corner of a room padded by light snowfall in AltspaceVR. Elevating discussions about the why, when, and how of writing, voices from the United States’ west coast to Europe’s central region weighed in, sharing their own whys, whens, and hows.

Travis Fodor gets ready for his “Audiophile” meetup


To gather together and learn from each other, they didn’t need plane tickets. They didn’t need sponsors. They didn’t need credentials. They didn’t even need the formal title of professional writer. All they needed was a desire to share and a headset.

Carl Taylor leads a Spanish meetup


VR Meetups for smaller groups can be created by anyone looking to connect with others who share their interests. Watch a livestream of an event, talk about sports, games, or share stories. The possibilities are as limitless as virtual reality.

Marta Maria Marraccini leads a meditation session and wellness meetup


There’s a certain kind of beauty in hosting a meetup in VR — fewer logistics, increased potential for voices across geographies to participate, no maximum occupancy, and a suite of host tools to help ensure the gathering goes smoothly.


So then, from one writer to all of those who are curious, to those who cook, those who build businesses, those who stretch in the mornings, those who game all night, those who are left handed, those who crave political discourse, those who want to practice a second language, those who paint, those who draw, those who are learning to hit that high note, those who make this very website work without the user knowing how, a call to action, in poetry:


Show up
Brush up
Study up
Listen up
Speak up
Open up
Cheer up
Gear up

Cici Woo interviews Elisa Camahort, the cofounder of BlogHer, in her storytelling meetup


How to host a VR meetup in AltspaceVR


1. Select Schedule an Event from the My Events tab
Find the My Events tab on


2. Name your event
Descriptions are optional, but if you’d like to help attendees prepare, add excitement, or have your event featured on our Events page, it will need a clear description.


3. Set the date and time
Select your event’s start date and choose the time you’d like it to begin.


4. Decide the duration
We’ve found that events lasting 30–60 minutes are best attended, but you can make your event up to 2 hours long.


5. Make it public or private
Make your event public to allow everyone to join. If your event is private, only people you personally share your event link with will be able to access it.


6. Pick the environment
Location, location, location! Choose the room for your event and create the ambiance you need to facilitate a discussion, host an exhibition, or do yoga in peace.


7. Request to be featured
We want to feature your event! Click the “feature” check box and we’ll review your submission.


Host Tools
Hosting a meetup is an adventure, and it’s best to start any adventure prepared. During your meetup, you’ll have the tools to:


  • Mute a user
  • Mute all users (CNtrl-alt-Z)
  • Remove a user
  • Beam to a public display


You can also log in to AltspaceVR and create your own Meetup by selecting Create Event from the Play & create section. It’s easy, and we think you’ll like it.

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