A Guide To The Xbox One Game Pad For Rift

A Guide To The Xbox One Game Pad For Rift
July 11, 2017

Prior to launch Oculus VR announced that an Xbox One controller would be included as standard with the Oculus Rift. The argument was that the game pad had become a standardised universal input familiar to both gamers and general consumer audiences. Even to this day many new virtual reality (VR) software titles utilise the Xbox One controller as their main input, and for certain videogames and experiences there’s no immediate need to change this.

Xbox One Game Pad Launch & Price


With the Xbox One controller included as standard there’s no issue in acquiring the device. However, for those looking for a replacement an edition including the wireless transmitter required is typically available for under £60 GBP.


How to Use the Xbox One Game Pad


The Xbox One controller can be utilised with the Oculus Rift in the exact same way as is standard on PC. With the included wireless transmitter connected via USB, the Xbox One controller operates as any standard PC game pad and will be automatically detected by the Oculus Home software.


Some minor issues with connectivity late last year were overcome by a quick update for the controller’s software, suggesting that Oculus VR is keen to ensure that the Xbox One game pad remains a piece of the Oculus Rift’s input puzzle for some time to come.


Apps and Games Compatible with the Xbox One Game Pad


The list of applications and videogames compatible with the Xbox One controller is extensive. Literally hundreds of titles on the Oculus Store remain designed solely for the Xbox One controller with no intention of updating to the Oculus Touch motion-controllers. As with the Oculus Remote, compatible titles feature an image displaying their support of the Xbox One controller.

Long term application of the Xbox One Game Pad


While Oculus Touch is becoming the de facto input solution for many videogame developers, it’s unlikely that it will replace the Xbox One controller wholesale any time soon. There are many applications that simply aren’t suited to motion-control, and thus a familiar input solution will still take precedent.

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