Everything You Need To Know About Oculus Rift

Everything You Need To Know About Oculus Rift
August 20, 2018

Whether you're new to the scene or an experienced Rift guru, you'll find what you're looking for in this ultimate guide!


If you're looking for a company to thank for re-igniting VR as we know it today, direct your attention toward Oculus. From Developer Kit 1 all the way to Consumer Version 1, they've spawned plenty of competitors on their way to your living room, and have been one of the main players in bringing VR to everyone.


Meet Oculus Rift

Oculus shows no signs of stagnating — they have some amazing projects currently on the go that we've only had a glimpse of. Think the Rift might be for you? Here is a collection of articles to get you acquainted with your portal to the virtual dimension.


First things first!

Take the time to read about all the VR options you have! You want to make sure that when you buy your device, it's the right one for you.

HTC Vive vs Oculus Rift: Which should you buy?

PlayStation VR vs Oculus Rift

Field of view face-off: Rift vs Vive vs Gear VR vs PSVR

What you need to run Oculus Rift


Powering your Oculus Rift

Best Dell PCs for VR

Using your desktop in VR

How to set up Virtual Desktop on the Oculus Rift


Buying and testing options!

Last step in deciding, if you've got the time! Check out here to see where you can test an Oculus Rift near you before you buy!

Where to try out Oculus Rift before you buy

What to ask for when demoing VR

Where to buy the Oculus Rift

Where to buy a used Oculus Rift


Learn about your safety!

In this day and age, it's always important to learn all of your safety options when it comes to a new device.

VR and your privacy: how are these companies treating your data?

How long in VR is too long?

Tips to avoid motion sickness caused by VR gaming

Tips and tricks to avoid stepping on your VR cables

How to clean your Oculus Rift


How to do pretty much everything with Oculus Rift

Opening the box your Rift came in is step one. Here's how to do pretty much everything else so that you get the best experience possible.


Getting to know your Oculus Rift

Alright, you've completed the first step of buying your Oculus Rift, now it's time to see all the amazing things it's capable of!

Everything you need to know about Supersampling on Oculus Rift

Everything you need to know about WebVR

What is Asynchronous Timewarp and Asynchronous Spacewarp?

How to get the best fit for your Oculus Rift

The best storage options for Oculus Rift


Room-scale Rifting

Oculus Rift room-scale setup troubleshooting guide

How to enable room-scale on Oculus Rift

What you need for room-scale VR

How to set up and use Guardian for Oculus Touch

How to check your Oculus sensor's view and boundary with Desk Scene


Using the store options

How to launch your SteamVR games in Oculus Home

How to use the Oculus Store

How to use the Oculus Store without a credit card

How to change where you save Oculus Rift games on your PC

How to use your Oculus Rift with Viveport


Helpful how-tos, tips and tricks

How to stream Oculus Rift on Twitch and Mixer

How to keep your sensors from being damaged

How to use Oculus Rooms

How to adjust the lenses in your Oculus Rift

How to remove the built-in Oculus Rift headphones

How to extend your Oculus Rift cables for under $30

How to split audio between VR and PC speakers

How to customize Audio in Oculus Rift

How to put prescription lenses in your Oculus Rift

How to enroll in the Oculus Public Test Channel


Your Oculus Rift, your PC and you

Can you use an Oculus Rift without a PC?

Can you play non-VR PC games on Rift or Vive?

VorpX is amazing for playing non-VR games in VR


Introducing Rift Core 2.0

Rift Core 2.0 is here, and if you've opted into the testing beta for it we've got the hook-up for you. If you have any questions or concerns regarding all the fun new options when using this update, we're right here to help. For now, here a few common questions. If you're here because you've tried out the 2.0 and find it's not to your taste, we have the steps on how to uninstall it as well.


Rift Core 2.0 ultimate guide

How to uninstall Rift Core 2.0


Games, games, and more games

Your Oculus Rift comes with everything you need for a great virtual experience, but that doesn't mean you can't find a bunch of great accessories to expand your horizon.

Oculus Rift accessory guide

How to travel with your Oculus Rift

Using HOTAS controllers in VR is beyond amazing!


Oculus Touch controllers

Sorry that, for whatever reason, it didn't work out! Here are some helpful tips on how to sell your VR headset! Before you leave VR for good, be sure to check out PlayStation VR, a cheap & fun time for the whole family!

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