Designing Typography Insight For HoloLens

Designing Typography Insight For HoloLens
November 17, 2016

Typography Insight is now available on HoloLens

Typography Insight for HoloLens encourages people to experience, learn and play with typography in 3D mixed reality space

Typography Insight is a toolkit for learning and teaching typography. Originally released on iOS in 2011, it has been loved by design and education community by introducing new way of comparing, observing and learning typefaces. HoloLens version introduces ‘Type Playground’ where users can place text in the real environment with different styles and sizes. This feature can be used for designing and previewing the architectural signage or logo types. In ‘Type Anatomy’ scene, users can learn about basic terminologies of typography. In ‘Historical Types’ scene, users can learn about historically important typefaces in 3D space.

Available on Windows Store in HoloLens

Publish date: 8/1/2016

Store URL:

Pricing: $2.99


Media Kit: Download Zip

[Feature Updates] Historical Type Timeline and Colors

Holographic Type Sculpture made with ith Typography Insight

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