Benefits And Dangers Of Virtual Reality

Benefits And Dangers Of Virtual Reality

Benefits and Dangers of Virtual Reality 

Virtual reality may seem like the latest trend in the IT world, but its implications go beyond and extend to so many different sectors. All the big companies including Google, Facebook, and Netflix, the world of gaming and even the Hollywood are investing VR technology. Virtual reality immerses a user into a 3-dimensional world. A flurry of new VR-based devices has helped in taking the technology to the masses. It includes headsets like Rift, PlayStation VR, and HTC Vive. Many new VR films have been developed, providing people a feel of the immersive experience.


Implications of VR Technology

There are many positives of virtual reality, but there are also concerns. Many researchers believe that the technology can lead to even deeper isolation among people. When people’s social media needs get addressed online, they will not need other people to interact with it.


If VR becomes a part of everyday life, it will mean that large percentage of the population is likely to spend most of their time in the virtual world. According to futurists, virtual reality is set to become completely realistic by 2030, and most people will be spending a significant amount of their time in virtual spaces.


So as we move towards such a scenario, what are the main advantages and dangers of this new technology?


Advantages of Virtual Reality

Some of the main advantages of virtual reality are as following:


Immersive Training: Virtual reality is finding valuable benefit in the field of dangerous-environment training, without putting people in those environments in the first place. Pilot, doctor and firefighter training are some of the examples. Immersive VR-enabled training helps increase expertise without putting people in hazardous situations. It expects that such training will extend to many other sectors.


Computer-Aided Designing: Using virtual reality, it is now possible to experience the structure that you want to build. It makes VR technology a valuable asset for designers, architects, and engineers. You can identify flaws and opportunities and create better and safer designs.


Conferencing: Another benefit of using virtual reality is that it can allow your teams to engage in digital conferences and meetings. It takes the level of interaction beyond Skype. You will not only be able to see others; you will be able to find yourself sitting next to them in the same room.


Redefines Gaming & Movie Experience: You can now watch movies in a way that you are right within it. The use of virtual reality in gaming field allows players to take action by physically moving their body. Whether it’s a game of wrestling or a first-person shooter, VR technology has made gaming more exciting and immersive than ever before. It is only harder to imagine where it will take things from here.


More Interactive Education: Virtual reality can take interactive learning to the next level, making it even easier to understand things. You will be able to leave deeper impressions on the student’s mind by showing them how things work instead of reading them. It will become easier to understand new concepts and make education much more useful.


Medical Applications: There is a new therapy in the medical field – virtual reality therapy. It allows health specialists to allow their patients to face and fight their fears. Depression and anxiety have largely remained untreated so far, but VR technology is expected to open new avenues and opportunities in this field to find better treatments. It can also use for fighting or treat PTSD.


VR Offers Safety: Whatever application that virtual reality puts to use, virtual reality helps provide safety. Whether it’s simulation, training or any other application, all scenarios can be handled safely without putting the users at any risk. For example, firefighters can train in dealing with hazardous situations in virtual reality environment without any risk of burns or injuries.


Dangers Associated with Virtual Reality

There have also been numerous concerns about virtual reality technology. Several accidents have also related to the use of the technology.


Social & Psychological Implications

According to world’s leading doctors of philosophy, virtual reality as an immersive technology can have the long-term impact on social and psychological conditions of individuals. In fact, they believe that it can cause potential long-term trauma and adverse change in behavior and perception.



Virtual reality has not yet entered the mainstream. There have been numerous accidents which have related to it. Pokemon Go has been one of the biggest virtual reality game released so far, and there have already confirmed deaths associated with it. One Pokemon Go player shot when he was playing the game along with his friend. The first incident of death due to the VR game also cause due to the shooting. In fact, the player was ambushed and shot when he was playing the game.

There have been many accounted and unaccounted instances of traffic accidents worldwide because players would drive their vehicles playing the virtual reality game. There have been a couple of confirmed deaths in Japan due to road accidents because the drivers immerse in the match.


Future of Virtual Reality

There is no denying that virtual reality has a promising future. Then the lack of discipline in using it has also contributed to many loses – even loss of life. The scope of its application is almost endless. Virtual reality is already powering the tourism industry, allowing people to visit the farthest attractions in the world without having to catch a flight or spend thousands every time you need to go on a vacation. The technology has high potential to save time and money for both individuals and organizations. Projects can complete without your staff having to travel long distances. It can also reduce costs in so many ways. The technology has a great many numbers of positives, but if not used correctly it can also increase potential risks in so many ways.

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