5 Helpful Articles To Learn UX Design In VR

5 Helpful Articles To Learn UX Design In VR
September 5, 2016

I always wondered what went down at hackathons. Was it like a big lan party, but instead of playing games and interacting with one another, people sat around coding? How could I, as a designer, participate in a hackathon, when I have nothing to “hack” with?
Not even those who have gone to hackathons could give me a straight answer.
“Sure you can go as a designer,” they’d say.
“We just build things within the given time,” they’d say.
“Yeah, we code and stuff,” they’d say.
I was curious, so I decided to go to one myself last week.

The event was a 24 hour hackathon in virtual reality hosted by StartApp. I didn’t know anything about virtual reality so I had to do a little bit of research about it. Alex Chu and Mike Alger were 2 dudes whose work I looked loads into for some in-depth research.
But for a basic intro to VR for a UX designer, I found the following 5 articles to be the most helpful and comprehensive (after consulting ~40 articles/videos). Perhaps you will find them helpful, too:

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