20 Examples Of VR User Interface Design (Part 2)

20 Examples Of VR User Interface Design (Part 2)
April 25, 2017

Helmet UI


This is a creative user interface which has a neat realistic appearance. Get inspired by these designs and use them to build your own.

Holographic 3D Interface


Here is a marvelous 3D user interface concept with a holographic design. This element has an outstanding appearance that will get noticed.

X-REC Interface HUD Pack


This video presentation showcases multiple items with virtual reality user interface designs that you can use to get inspired for you next projects.

VR/AR Experiment


It’s important to experiment, to create prototypes that you can practice on, before creating your final item right from the start. Se what these are all about.

Room decoration assistant


This is an exceptional room decoration assistant which integrates multiple 3d concepts of this useful project.



Here is a great virtual reality user interface design with a creative and highly detailed appearance. The designer showed a large amount of creativity and skills to have designed these elements.



This is a wonderful movie screen background that you can use to get inspired and to create your own elements. Have a closer look to see all the detailing.

Spaceship virtual interface Gnosis


Here is another wonderful example of how you can use virtual reality elements to improve the user interface designs. Use it as an inspiration!

Ping Monitor – Web App Design


This design has a super VR look that you can analyze and then use in your own projects. This VR UI displays multiple useful info that will definitely come in handy.

Full Stack Fest


This Full stack fest from 2016 was an outstanding design that you can use as inspirations. See what this retro-futuristic design works best.

User Interfaces for VR


Here’s a great tutorial that teaches you how to design user interfaces for virtual reality. You will definitely find this useful!

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