20 Examples Of VR User Interface Design (Part 1)

20 Examples Of VR User Interface Design (Part 1)
April 25, 2017

Virtual reality is the future. If you’re just as excited about it as we are, then this list of awesome VR UI will surely spark your imagination.


This article gathers some excellent examples of VR user interface design which will inspire you. Browse through this collection and choose the designs you like most. Use them as an inspiration to build professional-looking VR user interfaces that will definitely get noticed.


These amazing VR designs come with various styles and characteristics. They have 3D or flat designs, beautiful color palettes and more.


These VR user interfaces have a very high level of realism that will make you look twice! Check them out!


UI Screen Graphics


Here you have a stunning VR user interface with an outstanding design. This premium item includes neat features and it doesn’t require any plugins.



This is an amazing collection of digital cards with a futuristic design. These have a unique 3D effect that looks exceptional.

Youtube Application Concept


Here you have a beautiful Youtube application design that has a VR user interface design. See what you can learn from this design and then apply to your own.

HUD/UI Concepts


Have a closer look at these user interface concepts for video games. These items stimulate an exceptional virtual reality that will definitely get your attention.

VR e-Commerce solution


This is an outstanding example of how you can use technology to significantly improve your online stores and to promote your products, your website, showroom, etc.

Republic Bike


This template is another great example of how a great design can help you sell various products. This virtual reality UI design demonstrates that you can customize online your desired product before you purchase it.

Merge Virtual Reality


There are lots of VR utilities and you can intensify their results by merging multiple UI designs all together. Discover how you can successfully manage this kind of action.

Daily Renders: Dimensional UI


This is an excellent source of 3D user interface elements with super realistic designs. Have a closer look and use them to get inspired and then create your own projects.



Here is a great application that you can use to display videos that are organized and separated in categories. This is a complex project with excellent characteristics. 

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