Zombie Shooter Death Horizon Hits Daydream

Zombie Shooter Death Horizon Hits Daydream
May 1, 2018

Dream Dev Studio ports the Samsung Gear VR title to Daydream View.


After its release in 2017 for Samsung Gear VR, Dream Dev Studio has now brought its virtual reality (VR) shooter Death Horizon to the Google Daydream platform.


Designed specifically for mobile VR headsets, Death Horizon is a first-person shooter (FPS) that takes place in a secret military laboratory. Scientists in the lab were of course messing with all sorts of viruses and naturally one got out, the T12 virus, thus turning all the inhabitants into flesh eating monsters.


So it’s up to players sent on a solo mission to stop the spread of the virus by working their way through the dangerous corridors and rooms of the installation, wiping out any hostiles on route to stop the reactor from exploding and releasing carnage onto the population.


At their disposal will be three weapons for players to use, an assault rifle, the ever trusty shotgun and a heavy machine gun for when things get really tough. They’ll encounter various enemies on route, from the standard undead hordes, to heavier built construction zombies and ones that like to keep their distance and spit balls of nasty green goo.


When reviewing the title's Gear VR version, we said: "The core gameplay and visuals in Death Horizon are really good for a Gear VR title, it’s just a shame the experience is so short lived with nothing to keep you coming back. Death Horizon is trying to compete with titles like Drop Dead, Dream Dev Studio need to expand the experience more to make it a true contender."


It doesn’t look as though Dream Dev Studio has added any further content for the Daydream Release, simply porting the title to the platform. 

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