Zenith Reaches Kickstarter Goal In 4 Hours

Zenith Reaches Kickstarter Goal In 4 Hours

The incredible looking MMO Zenith has a Kickstarter launched…. and it was completely funded in only 4 hours! The game features Beat Saber like combat where you have to follow lines in an almost rhythmic way.


Here is a slight backstory from Kickstarter:


Hey you! Yes, I’m talking to you — sitting right there, on Urth? Erth? Eh, nevermind. Before you cross the portal into our world, there’s some stuff you need to know.


In our world, Essence is the life force inherent in all living things that enables those versed in the Old Way to weave magic. The Zenitheans, citizens of Zenith, harnessed Essence using their amplifiers and engineers to power and run the massive city-state. 


Hundreds of years ago a massive vessel from the stars commanded by the God-King Rhel’ka crashed into our world and unleashed unspeakable horrors, creatures, and beasts upon our world. The Zenithean Council made the decision that day to close their gates — sealing off the city off from all outlanders, forever dividing those within, and those without.


Eventually Rhel’ka was sealed away in the darkest depths of the world, but the end of the war marked the deaths of half the peoples of our world.


The only city to emerge unscathed, was Zenith.


Outside the city gates, people have learned to live with nature, rather than rule over it. We have come to love the green, the forest, and even the dark night. But every day the seal over Rhel’ka grows weaker, and there are those who have forgotten the lessons of the past, who would see another Calamity befall us. 


But there are some things that can only be seen in person. Every fiber in my being tells me you have a part to play in our history. Enter the portal, and I will tell you more. 

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Game Features

Dynamic Living World: Huge, visually striking, and beautiful environments with no loading screens, created with Improbable and using Spatial OS, the worlds most advanced MMORPG platform


Cross-Platform Play: Players who don’t yet have VR can play on PC in the same world as VR players—no one is left out of the adventure


Class and Character Customization: Play your character exactly as you want, with every class able to become each role, depending on which skills are equipped


Advanced AI: An immersive world filled with believable characters and AI—monsters will dodge, hide, and hunt in lifelike ways and AI avatars allow characters to continue playing with other people while their players are offline


Streamlined, Physical Combat System: Leverage the physicality of VR for satisfying gameplay using timing and rhythm; pull earth shields out of the ground, suck creatures in by fast balling a gravity well, or simply blast them using chain lightning

Ramen VR


Zenith is in development for PS VR, PC, Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, HTC Vive, and Valve Index.

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