X-Plane 11 Now Supports SteamVR Headsets

X-Plane 11 Now Supports SteamVR Headsets
May 9, 2018

X-Plane 11 (2017), the highly-touted and expansive flight simulator for PC, now has a few new badges under its Steam listing, which includes support for Oculus RiftHTC Vive, and Windows “Mixed Reality” VR headsets.


Developers at the South Carolina-based Laminar Research previously added beta VR support late last year, although the studio now says that all of the default fleet (minus the SR-71) is VR-ready.

Image courtesy Laminar Research

Laminar says however third-party aircraft “are probably far less usable in VR unless you use the 3D mouse to interact with the cockpit. Feel free to try other aircraft but be aware they may have limited functionality & use.”


Supporting motion controllers, keyboards, joysticks and other USB devices, the action is mostly all about accurately recreating the feeling of flying a number of commercial and military aircraft, although you can technically move around the aircraft or the world by teleporting. Some parts of the aircraft have a ‘hotspot’ which will light up and snap you to that location such as seats, Laminar says in a blog post.

Image courtesy Laminar Research


X-Plane 11 on Steam for $60. The update also includes:

-New aircraft Aerolite 103

-1315 new airports with 3D buildings

-Customizable jetways for airport authors

-Landmark scenery for Sydney, Australia

-Enhanced night lighting at large distances

-Higher performance with AMD graphics cards


Take a look at Laminar’s overview of some of the game’s VR-specific features below:

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