Wrench Lets You Be A Virtual Reality Mechanic

Wrench Lets You Be A Virtual Reality Mechanic
August 17, 2017

We all enjoy sim racing. That feeling of going door to door with an opponent or squeaking out an extra second keeps us coming back for more. However, when the racing is all over the car goes back to your virtual garage until the next race.


But what if you had a way to continue the full automotive experience and work on your digital racer? Well, Alec Moody hopes to accomplish just that with his new project Wrench.


Wrench is a VR game that will allow players to virtually work on every aspect of a car. From swapping brakes out to a complete rebuild it’s all there. There will also be a whole slew of tools at your disposal to make the experience as realistic as possible.


Moody is no stranger to video games either. He’s freelanced his art over the course of 15 years for various games. Checking out his portfolio reveals that his creation includes weapons fromBorderlands 2 and fighting crafts from Tribes Ascend.


Passion for cars also runs deep with Moody. As an owner of an autocross-prepped Mazda Miata, he’s a certified gear head in our book.

Unfortunately Moody isn’t a programmer by any means, which means progress on Wrench is going to be slow. However, this one man team already showed us what it’s capable of in the art department. Suffice to say the game will look amazing when it finally comes out.


Due to its unknown nature and the cost of licensing, Moody has only secured one car forWrench. The Bauer LTD Catfish, a Mazda Miata based kit car, will get all its parts scanned for a true digital representation though. Moody is also working with Bauer during the build process to ensure accuracy.


This isn’t the first game to tackle the mechanic side of things though. Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 — which hit stores in July — and its prequels gave us mechanic sims for years. However, none of these games offer VR support. They also favor an easier difficulty to make the game accessible to more players.


We look forward to following the progress of Wrench and are anxious to play it once it finally comes out.


In the meantime, check out the prototype video that shows some game play along with the amazingly detailed graphics.

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