The Wizards Is A Spellbinding VR Game

The Wizards Is A Spellbinding VR Game
July 6, 2017

Casting spells and VR motion controls go together incredibly well. Flinging fire balls, blocking projectiles with magical shields, and throwing missiles of extraordinary power feels amazing from within the immersive presence of a VR headset. The Unspoken proved that. Now with The Wizards from Carbon Studios, the game is avoiding that competitive multiplayer focus for a renewed focus on single player content and crafting a spellbinding world for players to lose themselves in instead.


Last time we wrote about The Wizards all we knew is that it was coming to Rift and Vive sometime soon, but now we can finally put a date on it. The Wizards will be releasing into Early Access this month on July 28th on both the Oculus Home Store and Steam.

According to a press email with the news, “The Wizards is a VR spellcaster that helps people to fulfill their childhood dreams of becoming powerful magicians. In the game, players cast spells with hand gestures using motion controllers of HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.”

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