Within Scores At The Buzzer With 'Supernatural'

Within Scores At The Buzzer With 'Supernatural'
April 19, 2020
Fitness VR challenge "Supernatural" from With.in


Week five of captivity. We’re spending more time in XR collaboration and conferencing sites. Writing a book about it is our excuse. Also, it keeps us from thinking about the Zombie apocalypse.


This week’s top story is from Within, best known as a 360 video site that’s integrated into every VR platform, and for its AR app for kids, Wonderscope. While the stay-at-home orders raise all boats on the Internet, it doesn’t take a genius to see Within can’t last much longer without a hit. We just tried their upcoming Supernatural VR fitness game, coming to the Oculus Quest and other platforms next Thursday, and it looks to us like director turned CEO Chris Milk may have hit the three pointer at the buzzer.


That’s all the basketball we’ve got for now.


realityvirtual.co receives Epic Games Mega Grant for photogrammetry technology. The team at realityvirtual.co will use the funds to improve their photogrammetry techniques and record historical locales throughout New Zealand. realityvirtual.co hopes to “backup the world” using their photorealistic photogrammetry powered by the Unreal game engine.

Gain & Co partnering with Imeve to provide remote collaboration VR solutions for manufacturers. Gain & Co advise manufacturers on how to use robotics and automation in their operations. The team has now adopted AVATOUR, VR remote collaboration software built by Imeve, to aid their clients during the Covid crisis. 


Labster partners with California Community Colleges to provide 2.1 million students access to virtual laboratories. The virtual laboratories will be rolled out to all 115 community colleges throughout the state of California and students will have full access to all science education simulations through the rest of the year.

RelayCars adds VR car viewing to its website. Car shoppers can now view 3D models of cars directly on RelayCars website. Previously an app download was required. Users can experience the new VR enabled website at vr.RelayCars.com, or by downloading the RealyCars app.

SeekXR launches Seek Education, a platform for AR-based educational experiences. Each experience created by SeekXR uses augmented reality to engage learners. Users can subscribe to Seek Education for access to six core subject areas: anatomy, animals, art, biology, history and physical science. Access to the educational content will be free for the remainder of the current school year through June. 

Arcona AR Metaverse won the international Unicorn Battle CUP Silicon Valley with this AR geolocation map that creates a real-time shareable mesh with a smartphone. The app is free for iOs.

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