Will.I.Am Could Make A PlayStation VR Game

Will.I.Am Could Make A PlayStation VR Game
October 25, 2016

Sony has jumped head first into the virtual reality world. The Japanese giant now finds itself rubbing shoulders with two other major VR sets, the Oculus Rift and the HTV Vive – so what makes PlayStation VR unique? Or, if you’re new to this, what makes virtual reality gaming special at all? MTV spoke to the people behind PlayStation VR to get some answers.
To put it simply: if you’re feeling a little sceptical about VR, don’t be. VR is here, and it’s spectacular. For more, please allow your eyeballs to drift down this page. 

Hey, so what the hell is so great about vr?
"Seeing games on a TV screen is gone. [PlayStation VR puts you] inside the game, just as you experience the real world.”
What sort of things can you do with vr?
“So I’ve seen some crazy things that people have done in Virtual Reality. We had one where we showed them the underwater experience, where they get to experience the shark cage, and they spent the entire time cowering in the one corner of the shark cage.
“But we’ve also seen games where people construct things in front of them, build them using their hands, and instead they spent the entire time juggling, which we didn’t expect at all but was quite cool to watch.”
Is will.i.am actually going to make a game for playstation vr?
“I’d love to see somebody like will.i.am create something in virtual reality, because I could just imagine the sort of things that creative mind would do. I probably couldn’t even comprehend what would be done.
“You could imagine a 3D musical experience that goes on around you, coupled with some sort of video experience that you couldn’t imagine existing on a normal TV screen, but could only exist in virtual reality.
“It would take music to a new dimension, and someone like will.i.am would be perfect for that sort of thing.”

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