Will Farpoint Take VR To The Masses?

Will Farpoint Take VR To The Masses?
May 26, 2017

Prepare to take on many giant terrifying spiders in Farpoint, Playstation's great hope for virtual reality.


"Some people may experience motion sickness," reads Farpoint's dramatic warning.


I've only just synced my VR helmet, pointed my gun at the screen and pushed play on the game.


The warning continues. Apparently, I could also suffer "nausea, disorientation, blurred vision or other discomfort".


It's a shopping list of potential hazards but the warning that really disturbs me is that last one.


"Other discomfort?" What could it mean? It could be, literally, anything.

I quickly find out. Farpoint, the game that Playstation hopes pushes virtual reality into gaming's mainstream, arms you with a gun, sets you loose on a hostile planet and makes you kill anything that moves.


Mostly, those things that are moving are giant freaking arachnids. Nope, there is nothing about hairy armour-plated spiders wanting to eat your insides included in those early warnings.


To get there, you've got a fair bit of setting up to do. You'll need a Playstation VR kit (about $600), a Playstation camera (up to $100) and an Aim Controller (it's bundled with the game for around $150), which is essentially a playstation controller remodelled into a pretty sweet sci-fi weapon.

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