Which Video Game Character Do You Want to Play in VR?

Which Video Game Character Do You Want to Play in VR?
September 6, 2016
Sony's announcing some new things tonight, most likely the slimline PS4 that people have been buying from Argos for the last fortnight. But it may also have more to say on the VR world, including the important bit about a few games to play. So which butch man or geometrically impossible woman from the world of games should make the leap to VR?

Lara Croft wouldn't work for perverted gamers, for example, as if they were viewing the world from Lara's perspective, they wouldn't be able to see her ever-rounder bottom pumping away as she mounts obstacles. Without actually seeing Lara go about her business, while her hair gets all messy and goes in her eyes and gets swept behind her ear by an oh-so-helpful man's hand (Press X), Tomb Raider would be as boring as a guided tour around your local mud hut.

Maybe a VR Sonic The Hedgehog would work, as Sonic through Sonic's eyes might make a decent F-Zero type of racer, as long as no one from Sega is allowed to do any of the programming or contribute any ideas to it, as they'd inevitably bollocks it up.

Forget asking for a Gran Turismo, though. By the time developer Polyphony could manage to make a VR GT the VR trend will be dead again, its clumsy peripherals up in the loft alongside the 3D and motion gaming attachments. Maybe get Polyphony working on a VR Gran Turismo for 2030, when VR might make its next attempted comeback.

In the meantime, there will be some demos in the PSVR box, including online phenomenon EVE: Valkyrie.

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