What VR Could Mean For Grand Theft Auto VI

What VR Could Mean For Grand Theft Auto VI
December 8, 2016

Rockstar's 'Grand Theft Auto' series is one of the popular series of open world, action-adventure, crime and role playing game. Rockstar launched 'Grand Theft Auto V', and it lead to a huge success. All the die-hard fans of the GTA Series are waiting and expecting a new adventure and excitement in 'Grand Theft Auto VI'. There is no official announcement of the release date considering the Rockstar strategy, and it's expected to release sometime around 2018.


'Grand Theft Auto VI' is very likely to release for the latest console PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. PlayStation 4 Pro is the most recent console by Sony in the Gaming Zone.Rockstar has released some updates for GTA 5 for PlayStation 4.Xbox One the latest console by Microsoft which also receive the updates for GTA 5. As for Xbox 360 have some technical limitations due to which it doesn't support HD graphic games.


The upcoming GTA 6 will be upgraded withVirtual Reality which means that now players can even be a part of the game itself. Rockstar games could also take a new approach and give the game a look of the retro era, however, this is just an assumption.


Another feature that we are expecting is that it would provide an opportunity to run away from the cities they have already explored and move to a new town, it would be a great adventure to explore the new city.

Grand Theft Auto VI can be little more interested in proving more missions like bank robbing mission, joining the army. Such mission will give intense actions in the game. Rockstar is planning to introduce the entire United States map in Grand Theft Auto 6 including the major cities such Miami, Los Angeles and much more. Rockstar might put a serious change in GTA 6 which may lead to a single character who will lead the whole story.

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