Wear Extra Layers Of Undies For These VR Titles

Wear Extra Layers Of Undies For These VR Titles
March 26, 2018

Wear some extra layers of undies for these VR scare-fests

So you’ve played lots of horror games and you think you know what fear feels like? Pfft – you don’t know nothin’ until you’ve played horror games in VR. With 360-degree immersion and three-dimensional visuals, VR brings terror to a new level of authenticity and intensity you have to experience to understand. And we’ve put together a list of 5 great titles that stand out as particularly heart-stopping – but we warn you, put on some absorbent undergarments, or maybe even a diaper (Pull-Ups work well), because these VR horror games will test your colonic fortitude in ways you can’t imagine.


Until Dawn: Rush of Blood (PSVR)

Sort of a spin-off of 2015’s Until DawnRush of Blood is an on-rails shooter that straps you into a roller coaster, using the controller as a gun to shoot everything that moves, pops up or falls down on you from every direction, as you struggle desperately to survive this demented, exhausting VR Ride from Hell. Rush of Blood just never lets up – the scare factor is basically set to 10 from the get-go, and aside from a few brief breathers your poor nerves will never get a break.

Don’t Knock Twice (PSVR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive)

Based on the 2017 movie of the same name, Don’t Knock Twice is more of a creepy affair than a full-on screamer. You’re stuck inside a big, empty, dimly-lit house, trying to find your way around its labyrinthine corridors and rooms, all of which are naturally decorated with the requisite paintings of weird old people whose eyes you’ll swear are following you as you walk past them. Don’t Knock Twice nails the unsettling atmosphere, with little noises, bumps and some guy who just won’t. Stop. Knocking. Please, for the love of God, make it stop!

A Chair in a Room: Greenwater (HTC Vive)

A Chair in a Room isn’t about jump-scares; instead, it relies on the terror we feel when we are trapped, confined, and unsure how to escape. You’re a patient in a mental institution, with no memory of your identity or how the hell you ended up in this place. Using room-scale VR to perfection, A Chair in a Room tests your wits and your nerves, as you work to escape your situation and get answers. If you like real-life escape rooms, you’ll love this game.

Layers of Fear: Solitude (Google Daydream VR)

This is basically a VR version of the acclaimed Layers of Fear, which originally scared the bejesus out of us in 2016. You play the role of a painter working on his masterpiece in his huge old mansion. The problem? He’s completely insane. Through the magic of virtual reality, you are placed in his first-person perspective as he battles his growing psychosis, a constantly-shifting environment, and some really  freaky psychedelic visions to finish his painting. After playing Layers of Fear: Solitude, you’ll never look at paintings the same way again.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (PSVR)

The game that pioneered the whole survival horror thing roared back into gamers’ nightmares like a flaming chainsaw in 2017, placing us in a sprawling old Louisiana plantation, searching for our lost wife, all while being stalked by the batshit-crazy Baker family. The VR version takes this already-awesome game to another level, and you’ll forget sometimes that you’re not actually in the Bayou, stuck in this Southern Gothic waking nightmare. Resident Evil 7 has it all – psychotic killers chasing you, hordes of nasty insects, pots of rotting stew, and a silent old lady in a wheelchair who keeps showing up at the worst possible times. Go ahead, boy, call for your Mama – she ain’t comin’.

There you have it – 5 VR horror games that are guaranteed to make you vomit in your mouth in pure unadulterated fear. Strap on your VR headset and get ready for some truly twisted fun – just remember to take it off when you run for your life…

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