Water Planet Coming To Rift, Vive This Summer

Water Planet Coming To Rift, Vive This Summer
January 28, 2017

Something truly fantastical is making its way toward the immersive world of VR, set to dazzle gamers, tech & music lovers alike.  Announced today from Revera Corporation, a Miami-based music label and game publisher, is Water Planet, an audio-visual game which has been developed by in-house music artist, VIRGO and it’s coming to PC, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift via Steam this Summer.

Water Planet is an immersive first-person VR exploration game set on a beautiful and mysterious distant blue planet, not too dissimilar to a future Earth.


In Water Planet, players will take on the role of an interstellar traveller, in this first-person VR exploration game; you are gathering resources to fuel their interplanetary expedition into the unknown. Set on a beautiful and mysterious distant blue planet, not to dissimilar to a future Earth, amid endless oceans and mountains that cut through dense fog, lie hidden temples and monuments just waiting to be discovered. Players must uncover the planet’s many mysteries, as the on-board A.I., Gemini, guides them through sunken ruins and ocean depths, whilst pumping the atmospheric synths, arpeggiated basslines, and dreamy vocals of VIRGO’s Water Planet E.P.

Starting life as a visual accompaniment to VIRGO’s energetic and unique live performances, Water Planet has been developed from the-ground-up with unmistakable visuals inspired by the sweet sounds of VIRGO’s signature Ocean Tech style, amalgamating house, trance and future beats music genres.


After a successful Steam Greenlight campaign thanks to the overwhelming support of the Steam community, Revera Corp’s debut VR experience will be making its way onto the platform by popular demand. Fascinated by the intersection between technology, music and art, Revera Corp wanted their debut title to deliver an experience in harmony with each of these elements, creating the ultimate audio-visual VR experience for gamers, technology fans and music lovers alike.

“Water Planet is a powerful example of the environment we’re creating for our artists. We want to enable them to cross the sound barrier into the visual world and tell their stories in the most immersive medium we know: Virtual Reality,” said Jason Cole, Project Director, The Revera Corporation.


The team plan to release more information on the game and their plans in the coming months. This will also be shared with fans via their official game page on Steam, as well as via The Revera Corp and VIRGO’s social channels.


For more information on Water Planet and VIRGO follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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