Watch Ven VR Adventure's Short Gameplay Teaser

Watch Ven VR Adventure's Short Gameplay Teaser
March 25, 2020

It wasn’t too long ago that we were introduced to the Crash Bandicoot of the Virtual Reality gaming world with the announcement of Ven VR Adventure by Monologic Games, but now we get to properly see him in action. The clip itself is less than a minute long but in it, we get to see a chunk of a platforming section along with a test of both the 8D music and VR camera movement. There’s also a glimpse of what I would imagine is a combat-related move once he gets past the cogwheel platforms and is waiting for the first moving platform.


They are still planning to launch on Steam VR, Oculus, and PlayStation VR sometime in Q2 of 2020 so the wait for this game won’t be long. Get your VR headsets ready for a whole new friend with a unique adventure to experience! As a bonus, check out this short video of Ven’s idle animations and how he will look at you while waiting to continue the adventure.

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