Watch Deadpool Kill Them All In Marvel VR Gameplay

Watch Deadpool Kill Them All In Marvel VR Gameplay
July 23, 2017

Prepare your best superhero landing; Deadpool is coming to Marvel Powers United VR.


Oculus Studios and Sanzaru Games’ four player co-op superhero sim was announced at D23 last weekend but with just three confirmed characters: Hulk, Captain Marvel, and Rocket Raccoon. To celebrate San Diego Comic-Con, though, Oculus announced that everybody’s favorite Merc with a Mouth is joining the fray. We’ve got seven minutes of gameplay in his shoes from our recent hands-on event, which you can see below.


Unlike Rocket, who focuses more on guns, Deadpool uses a mix of weaponry to take down the bad guys. He’s got a pair of hand canons that deal heavy damage and SMGs for quick-fire satisfaction, but you’ll also want to make use of the katanas fixed to his back and shurikens for quick distractions. It wouldn’t be Deadpool without a deafening amount of quips, and — judging by the gameplay — Sanzaru has delivered on that front.


Deadpool wasn’t actually on the list of seven heroes we’d like to see in the game that we put out earlier this week, but he’s a welcome addition all the same. We did, however, include him in a pitch for our X-Men Danger Room simulator. We’re not surprised to see him given the success of his last movie with a sequel fast approaching. Powers United is due for release on Oculus Rift next year, so there’s still plenty of time to expand the roster.

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