VRrOOm Supports Mythica VR On Kickstarter

VRrOOm Supports Mythica VR On Kickstarter
September 10, 2016
Mythica VR is role-playing as you always dreamed it could be, dungeon crawling beside your friends in virtual reality.

The promise of virtual reality has finally been realized, and exploring a dungeon in virtual reality is everything you dreamed it could be. The first time you put up your sword to block the blow of an attacking orc, and it feels as real as life, you know that there is no going back to the dice rolls of table-top gaming or the controller clicking of video gaming.

There is a hugely important element missing from current virtual reality role playing options, however, and that is your party, your questing buddies, your ka-tet. It's a lonely world without them, and when you're being overwhelmed by a horde of undead skeletons and you hear the battle cry of your friend as he hacks his way in and saves you, you know there is no going without them.

We also cannot forget the crucial role played by the game master, the creator of worlds, the dungeon lord, the spawner of monsters, the voice of NPCs. A static world is just that, static, without the game master there to pull the strings and breathe life to the monsters and NPCs. Mythica VR will be released on Steam on the PC, and in the Android Play Store, and iOS App Store. On the PC it can be played with an HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, or DK2. On mobile it can be played with a Google Cardboard compatible headset, and we plan to support Google Daydream.

Create your character, then join with your friends, or get matched with other players at the same experience level as your character, and play a quest together. A quest may be a one-off or may be part of a larger campaign that you can work through, slowly leveling up your character so that you can take on harder and harder quests. We are excited to bring the complete experience of role playing to you, the way you always dreamed it could be, with Mythica VR.

For game masters: The map builder can be used in two ways, either as a traditional desktop top-down map editor, using the mouse to create rooms and place items and monsters, or you can build the quest around you in virtual reality, walking around the dungeon creating rooms, and placing items and monsters. A simple trigger system will allow you to add logic to your quests.

For those who like to create story-rich worlds, you can string quests together into campaigns, where players have to complete each quest to progress.

If you are joining the quests with your players you can control all aspects of your quests as they are playing, including spawning items and monsters. You can even control your NPCs and monsters in real-time, acting with your motion controllers and voicing your NPCs.

We're a small group of independent filmmakers and game producers, and have been at it for about a decade. It's our full-time job, and every film and game we have made has received worldwide distribution. We do pretty much everything ourselves, from conception to financing to production to securing distribution. We love fantasy and science fiction and know there's others out there like us, who we aim to please. You can learn more about our philosophy and our projects at our website: http://www.arrowstormentertainment.com

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