VR Zombie Title 'Dead GroundZ' Will Arrive This Year

VR Zombie Title 'Dead GroundZ' Will Arrive This Year
April 20, 2020

Developer VRillAR is expected to release their upcoming action adventure zombie VR title Dead GroundZ sometime this year on PC via Steam Early Access. Many zombie titles have been released or announced for VR lately,  but Dead GroundZ looks to win players over with its emphasis on visual fidelity. The Steam page confirms that the following VR headsets will be supported: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality.


Dead GroundZ is designed to prove players with an action-packed first-person shooting experience through VR. You’ll play as an agent from a group called the White Parasol, and it’ll be up to you to unravel the conspiracy plaguing a remote island. There have been rumors of secret experiments being conducted by an organization known as Black Rain, a huge conglomerate. As you proceed with your investigation, you’ll have a wide selection of weapons to collect and use on these creatures that begin to attack. Gameplay has been described as a mix of excitement and intensity, while also providing players with a seamless immersive experience that could only be achieved through the use of virtual reality headsets. With a strong emphasis on graphics, the developers have done what they can to minimize the chance of motion sickness. Other features are as follows:

- A combination of mysterious events and extreme action

- Exciting environments such as islands, bridges, tunnel, helistop, cave, dungeon, lab etc.

- In-depth story with a great variety of missions

- Interaction with many characters involved in the story

- A wide range of weapons from typical military firearms to exotic SF type weapons

- More than 30 different types of reactive NPCs

- Character customization 

- A variety of graphic settings to fit the needs for each player

- You have the opportunity to check out and enjoy the action part of the game in advance through Dead Ground:Arena.

Are you excited for Dead GroundZ? What has your experience been with VR? For those who haven’t jumped on board, what about VR don’t you enjoy? For me, I just haven’t been able to afford one, but I am curious about the gameplay experience only it can provide. For other indie titles to keep an eye on, make sure to check out Undead CitadelFirefighting Simulator, and BattleBeasts. To stay up to date on Dead GroundZ, make sure to follow the developers on Facebook, and their official YouTube channel.

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