VR Train Sim Rolling Line To Launch In April

VR Train Sim Rolling Line To Launch In April
March 3, 2018

We like to refer to lots of third-person VR games as “train set VR”, but Rolling Line takes that definition very seriously.


Rolling Line is the latest from Gaugepunk Games, the team that brought you Frontier VR and Echo Grotto. It’s a model train simulator in which you build and organize your own miniature train network, laying down tracks for freight trains to follow in scenery inspired by the developer’s home of New Zealand. The game includes a table as well as space for you to create your own worlds.


Take a look at the trailer above, which keeps Frontier and Echo Grotto’s gorgeous art style intact.


As you can see, being in VR allows Rolling Line to take advantage of a few features you couldn’t get with a real model train set (and saves you a bit of space in the real world). For starters, there’s a weather system so that you can view journeys in the rain or the sun. More importantly, though, you can shrink down to explore the world in first-person as if it had come to life and even ride the trains themselves.


Rolling Line will hit Steam on April 6th with support for both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, but will also support standard PC play, too.

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