VR Tennis Online Launches In Japan Tomorrow

VR Tennis Online Launches In Japan Tomorrow
February 16, 2017

A tennis game? On the PlayStation 4? No way? Yes way: Japanese developer Colopl has announced that VR Tennis Online will launch tomorrow in Japan for PlayStation VR, and it'll cost ‎¥2,490 (~$21). The game's already out on Oculus Rift so a Western release is likely, but there's no word on when we'll get it just yet.


Nevertheless, you can look forward to arcade action with a variety of cute and colourful characters each with different smash techniques. It'll have full online play as well, and hopefully should help fill the very large tennis void that exists on the PS4 in the current climate. Will you be having a swing at this one when it's served up overseas? Grunt like Maria Sharapova in the comments section below.

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