VR Star Wars: Battlefront 2 In VR Set For E3 Reveal

VR Star Wars: Battlefront 2 In VR Set For E3 Reveal
May 9, 2017

Of all the PlayStation VR experiences available so far, few have ticked the 'fanboy wish-fulfillment' box with as much gusto as the Star Wars: Battlefront VR X-Wing mission on PS4. Thankfully, the evidence is now mounting that the game's sequel, Star Wars: Battlefront 2, will expand significantly on the idea.


Numerous eagle-eyed NeoGaf forum users in European territories have spotted promotional materials in PlayStation email mailouts that show Battlefront 2 artwork with an accompanying 'Compatible with VR' badge laid on top.


This follows tweets back in April from Alex Mole, CTO of VR mission development team Criterion, hinting at "something awesome" in the sequel.

EA E3 reveal


EA has already confirmed that Battlefront 2 will be a big part of its E3 2017showcase. It now seems likely that this teased VR content will make an appearance too.


The original PS4 Battlefront VR mission was an exhilarating space battle, putting you in an X-Wing fighter taking on the Empire, sitting you right in the cockpit as TIE fighters swarmed around you. However, impressive as it was, it was incredibly short, its 20-minute length only being acceptable because it was offered up as a free upgrade to the game.


As we've suggested in the past, a lengthy VR Star Wars space sim, such as avirtual reality Rogue Squadron title, would be enough to see PS VR headsets fly off the shelves. And with Battlefront 2 being lined up for a November 2017 release, it may even conveniently land alongside some Black Friday deals for the pricey PS VR peripheral.

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