VR Shooter Battle Planet Hits Daydream

VR Shooter Battle Planet Hits Daydream
February 18, 2017

If you bought one of Google’s Daydream View headsets, chances are you’re keen for more content to launch as the device hasn’t exactly been inundated with titles. That does look to be changing as earlier this week Climax Studios released Bandit Six with sequel Bandit Six: Salvo due this coming week. But there’s more. Arriving in time for the weekend is Battle Planet, a rogue-like shooter from German indie studio THREAKS.


The first virtual reality (VR) title from the team, Battle Planet is a top down shooter with players protecting micro planets from destruction. Facing a barrage of enemies from all sides, they’ll have to unlock new weapons and upgrades if they want to survive, making sure they’re ready for some massive boss fights.


There are loads planets to save and highscore ranks to compete against others players.

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