VR Horror Game Introduces New Motion System

VR Horror Game Introduces New Motion System
December 26, 2016

We get quite a few VR horror games from indie developers, and I think most people are a bit burned out by them. However, developers Catbull games has created a VR horror game that utilizes a unique new movement system.


Don’t Look Back 不要回头 of course is a horror survival game with puzzles. However, the story for this game is very vague and we don’t know much about the plot other than the fact that you appear to be inside of a haunted house solving puzzles and avoiding ghosts that look like they came out of the movie The Ring. But there aren’t too many details about why you are trapped inside the house or what your main objective is. So far from what I have seen, there seems to be about three different ghost girls wondering the VR house to terrorize the player. Take a look at the first trailer linked below.

Pretty standard right? Well, instead of focusing on story, the developers seem to be focusing on the programming and their new movement system.


If you aren’t familiar with VR games, majority of the time you navigate the area by either looking where you want to go, pressing the interact button and teleporting to that location. Or, you throw a little ball thing and wherever the ball lands is where you teleport. In simple terms, you can’t just walk around like most other video games if you are using the motion controllers.


Catbull Games however has found an interesting way to solve that problem so that you can look around using your head, AND actually walk around without teleporting. They use an up and down paddle style motion system with the controller wands to simulate walking.


If you move both wands up and down in an alternating fanning motion, the character will walk forward. Move a single wand, and it will control your hands like other VR games so that you can pick up and move objects and interact with the environment. Even if you move both wands together at the same time, the character will not walk, you have to use the fanning up and down motion to move forward.


Regardless of what the actual gameplay is like for Don’t Look Back, I think this is a great idea to immerse players into the world and allow them to explore 3D environments without teleporting them around or having them move on a set path. To demonstrate how their new control and movement system works, the developers created a video so that you can see the player and the game at the same time to get a clear view of how the game actually works. Take a look at the second video linked below.

There currently doesn’t seem to be any details yet if the game is available for a wide variety of different VR headset, so we will have to wait and see as the game moves closer towards launch. Don’t Look Back is scheduled for a 2017 release date, so if you would like to learn more or see this game on Steam, head on over to their Steam Greenlight page for further details.

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