VR Horror App The Bellows Is Coming To PSVR

VR Horror App The Bellows Is Coming To PSVR
July 10, 2017

It’s been about six months or so since Resident Evil 7 was released on PlayStation VR (PSVR) now and we’re just about feeling like we can handle another horror game on the platform. Fortunately one is right around the corner.


The Bellows, a VR horror experience from Castle Step, is on its way to Sony’s platform soon. You might have already heard of the game; it launched on the HTC Vive all the way back in September last year. It’s a first-person title in which you’ll use the PlayStation Move controllers to explore the dark corners of a man’s home. A storm rages as you creep through the house and you start to suspect that you might not be alone. 


This isn’t designed to be a full-on horror game with hours of content. Instead it’s a shorter, more focused experience designed to show you just how effective the genre can be inside of VR. To that end, it only lasts around 15 minutes, but might find a home on your harddrive as a showcase of VR for anyone else brave enough to try it. In fact, Castle Steps revamped the game in April of this year to specifically make it shorter and more refined. The original longer version is included too.


Crucially, though, The Bellows is free on Steam right now. We’ve reached out to the studio to ask if it will be free on PSVR too, and when it might be launching on the platform. I’d give you a hands-on report of what to expect from the app but, honestly, I’m too scared to do that.

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