VR Gameplay: Multiplayer Comes To Dead Effect 2

VR Gameplay: Multiplayer Comes To Dead Effect 2
July 24, 2017

Indie developer Badfly Interactive have released a huge new update for their zombie killing VR title, Dead Effect 2 VR.  This new update brings multiplayer, lots more new content and bug fixes to owners of this critically acclaimed first person shooter on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.


The most anticipated feature to come with Update 1.2 is the introduction of the Co-Op Multiplayer and PvP Multiplayer features that allow you to play with or against your friends.  Co-op will allow you to work with your friends to take on the horde whilst the PvP feature will make you the hunter and the hunted.  The PvP feature is still in the experimental stage so don’t get too angry if you experience hiccups.


For those players who like to go it alone there are 5 completely new story missions to complete, new maps to enjoy and a level cap increase up to 15 that allows access to epic equipment.


Bug fixes and changes include:


- Changed teleport blackout to use screen blackout instead Steam VR compositor (caused problems on some computers)
- Tuned melee swing detection – weapons now has to be swung with more force to do some damage. Rebalanced melee weapons a bit.
- Tuned knockdown effects.
- Fixed panel positions in Haxxor type side missions
- Fixed damage and haptic feedback for mounted gun
- Various small improvements in the GUI for the map and shops
- Fixed not working ammo boxes
- Fixed weapons not being returned after cutscene
- Fixed money loot falling through the floor
- Fixed mission summary screen bugs
- Improved response on several GUI controllers (consumables shop, side quest log)
- Fixed empty clips not disappearing
- Fixed Proteus STD weapon not working correctly
- Fixed trading stations GUI
- Fixed and tuned grips for several weapons

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