VR Game Gives Lessons About Emergency Birth Care

VR Game Gives Lessons About Emergency Birth Care
September 30, 2016
LIFE is a serious tool that takes advantage of new technology to help save lives

In Africa, one in ten children do not meet their fifth birthday. One of the leading reasons is the lack of quality healthcare available. After working in Kenya, Oxford professor Mike English figured out a new way to help alleviate this serious issue. He and his team created Life-saving Instruction For Emergencies (LIFE), a 3D and virtual reality game that creates real-life, stressful scenarios that 2.5 million healthcare workers might have to face. They hope that utilizing virtual reality will allow workers to learn faster and truly feel a sense of urgency.
Many healthcare workers in Africa are equipped with cheap smartphones that give them access to a certain level of technology. As a result, the plan to implement this game throughout the continent is a completely possible endeavor. Healthcare workers— even in the most rural areas—can use this platform as a way to train and learn to adapt quickly in any situation. Besides placing these people in real-life scenarios via virtual reality, they will also learn more about the World Health Organization’s guidelines and receive professional accreditation. The creation and proliferation of this game may have the potential to provide education and training in areas that are otherwise difficult to reach. It also has the ability to save lives.

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