VR Challenger League Begins, Regional Finals Dated

VR Challenger League Begins, Regional Finals Dated
July 13, 2017

Last month we reported on Intel, ESL and Oculus announcing the VR Challenger League, a virtual reality (VR) eSports competition that involves players and teams from across Europe and North America competing in The Unspoken  and Echo ArenaToday, the first online qualifiers are now open and the regional finals have been dated.


Insomniac’s The Unspoken is a spellcasting experience where players face up against opposing mages in 1v1 battles. Players cast powerful spells and utilize the destructible environment to gain an advantage over their opponents. While Echo Arena is a team-based, five vs five multiplayer where players have to score points by scoring goals. But the arenas all feature low gravity as well as obstacles to stop the disk and cause issues for the players themselves.

For those interested you can sign up here. There’s a prize pool worth more than $200K on offer for those skilled enough to make it all the way through.


The regional final dates and locations are as follows:

  • Oculus Connect, October 11 – 12
  • ESL One Hamburg, October 28 – 29
  • IEM Oakland, November 18 – 19
  • DreamHack Winter, November 30 – December 3


After the regional’s have taken place the main event will be held at IEM Katowice in Poland, where the Intel Extreme Masters takes place.

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