The Void VR: So Real You Can Smell It

The Void VR: So Real You Can Smell It
January 20, 2017

Virtual reality is hard to understand – and even harder to care about – unless you've tried it. But what if there was a VR world that went beyond the visor? What if you could touch virtual objects like they were real; or feel the breeze on your face when a simulated storm rolled in; what if, when you got shot by a bad guy in the virtual world, you felt it in the real one?


That’s what the folks are doing at The VOID, a "hyper reality" holodeck currently being built in Utah by the company of the same name -- and with Ghostbusters Dimension, The VOID has brought a little slice of hyper reality to Madame Tussaud's in New York City. I tried it out last summer with the folks from VRHeads, and The VOID just recently made enough video assets available to cut together a quick tour for you. Join me for the MrMobile hands-on of Ghostbusters Dimension – the first VR experience from The VOID!

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