Viveport Offers 90% Off In Huge Halloween Sale

Viveport Offers 90% Off In Huge Halloween Sale
October 22, 2018

That's not all the store has to offer.


It’s the season of horror as Halloween rolls around once again, with the kids dressing up to go trick or treating, while the adults prepare for a fight night movie fest. Of course, readers out there will know for a proper screamingly good time all you need is a virtual reality (VR) headset and some decent content. Luckily, Viveport is running a limited time promotion for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift owners where they can save up to 90 percent on content.

Viveport currently lists a wide variety of scary, horror titles some more gruesome than others. The online store has handily categorised all the videogames and apps into several sections, including Zombie Apocalypse; Aliens, AI and Robots; Try to Survive and several more.


These categories feature some very well known titles as well as a few obscure ones worth taking a look at. How about Vertigo Games’ zombie shooter Arizona Sunshine which is down by 35 percent. Or then there’s ZR: Zombie Riot which has 80 percent off.


After a videogame with a bit more life? There’s always Sairento VR which is retailing for £16.98 GBP rather than £22.64. Bringing the heat with some steam punk action SteamHammerVR – The Rogue Apprentice which is currently on sale for £5.66 instead of £11.32.

In fact there’s loads on offer, those worth taking a look at include: AFFECTED: The Manor, Don’t Knock Twice, Gates of Nowhere, Island 359, Torn, Sneaky Bears, A Chair in a Room, The Villa: Allison’s Diary, plus don’t forget about the free ones.


That’s not all, if you happen to be a Viveport Subscriber – even on a free trial – you’ll be able to grab a copy of Nevrosa: Escape. The offer runs from 25th – 28th October and supplies are limited so first come first served. Additionally, if you still have that subscription on 20th November then you’ll find $10 USD dropped into your Viveport Wallet via email. 

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