VivePort Adds 8 New Games For July

VivePort Adds 8 New Games For July
July 20, 2017

HTC continues to expand the app selection on its Viveport subscription service, adding 8 new games for July, detailed on the official Vive blog. The $7/month service allows unlimited access to any 5 titles each month from a selection of over 150 games and apps.


Having recently doubled the Viveport app count, including some highly-rated titles such as Pierhead ArcadeGalaxy Golf, and Sairento VR, HTC has added a further 8 titles for July, including the innovative music tool LyraVR and well-received games like HoloBall and Twisted Arrow.


The 8 titles, which are usually priced on Steam from between $5 and $25, are Front Defense – an arcade shooter published by Vive StudiosLyraVR – an Early Access music creation platform, Dwingle B.O.T – an interesting ‘escape room’ puzzler,Panzer Panic – a tank-based local multiplayer battle arena, Twisted Arrow – an intense action shooter#Archery and #SelfieTennis – two quirky games from VRUnicorns, and HoloBall – an intense ‘VR Pong’ sports game.


A free trial is also available on the Viveport subscription page.

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