Virtuix Unveils Omni Arena For HTC Vive

Virtuix Unveils Omni Arena For HTC Vive
February 3, 2017
The game, developed by Virtuix’s internal game design department Virtuix Studios (TRAVR: Training)


Virtuix Omni is perhaps the most well known of the omni-directional gaming treadmills currently on the market.


Ops,  TRAVR: Shadow Ops), is called Omni Arena. Which plays off the name of their most famous creation which is indeed a requirement for play. Taking place in what almost looks like a combination of skate park and wither a football pitch or basketball court, players must defend a number of point areas on the map referred to as ‘power cores’ from waves of robots hellbent on destroying them. Which is easier said than done when you have to run all over the map.


In it’s current guise Omni Arena possesses two maps and both single player and co-operative multiplayer modes although a future update, tentatively scheduled for later this year in April should see it gain a king-of-the-hill style game for up to four players.


Virtuix’s Jan Goetgeluk, the Founder and CEO of the company, had this to say. “Omni Arena was developed to combine the physical activity of the Omni with the thrill of eSports and the immersions of VR. The game provides an adrenaline rush to the players and a visual spectacle to the audience. It’s well-suited for competitive gaming in VR arcades and gaming centers, and many of our location-based entertainment customers plan to organize Omni Arena tournaments and VR eSports leagues featuring the game. We plan to host a worldwide Omni Arena tournament later this year.”

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