Virtual Reality Casino Gambling Is Now A Reality

Virtual Reality Casino Gambling Is Now A Reality
April 17, 2019

With all due respect to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, it looks like Virtual Reality (VR) casino gambling is the next great trend for the online gambling industry. Of course, to say this is a new trend might be a bit of a misnomer. In fact, a couple of obscure software developers in the online gambling space first introduced the possibility of VR casinos and games at the ICE coreference in 2015.


While the concept didn’t receive immediate attention, top software developers like Microgaming and NetEnt left the conference knowing it was time to start looking at developing a VR software platform before other software concerns beat them to the punch.


How Does a VR Casino Work?

Imagine putting a pair of high quality, high definition VR goggles and immediately finding yourself in the lobby of a legitimate casino, albeit a Virtual casino. As you take your controller in hand, you browse the area and experience the sights and sounds of being in a real land-based casino. You’ll see a few table games and a selection of video slots available for play. You walk up to the table or machine (initiated by your controller), place your money on the table or in the slot and away you go, your gambling in a Virtual online casino.


SlotsMillion – First Fully Functional VR Casino

Here we are in 2019 and slowly but surely, VR online gambling is becoming a reality. SlotsMillion Casino was the first fully operational VR casino to hit the market. The casino first came online in 2015. The going was a bit rough in the beginning, but management had a trick or two up its sleeve. In 2018, SlotsMillion introduced the first VR casino in conjunction with Oculus, a leading manufacturer of Virtual gaming accessories. While there are clearly some bugs to work out, the operator’s efforts were solid enough to earn them Innovator of the year 2018, by IGA.

Here Comes Microgaming and NetEnt

SlotMillion’s software developers might have beat Microgaming and NetEnt to market with its VR casino, but it’s a good bet neither of those software developers in far behind. In fact, Microgaming has already introduced a ridiculously innovative Virtual Reality Roulette prototype that experts claim is off the charts. It goes so far as to allow the player to see their hands reach across the Roulette table to place a bet. This is a clear indication that given enough time, a company like Microgaming is going to innovate, and the results are bound to be amazing.


As for NetEnt, they may be just a little closer to introducing a full-service VR casino. The industry got its first glimpse of NetEnt’s efforts at the 2016 ICE Totally Gaming conference. By all indications, the company’s software developers have been working to take the gaming experience in an entirely different direction. When all is said and done, a player will be able to interact with both other players and the games themselves. Imagine walking into a scenario where you as the player become part of a bonus game for big dollars. Add in cutting edge audio support, players are expected to get a mind-blowing online gambling experience. And to think it’s here.


At last year’s ICE conference(2018), NetEnt unveiled several of its top video slots in VR format. The demonstration focused on the company’s highly popular game Gonzo’s Quest. After introducing table games and other slots like Jumanji and Vikings, NetEnt effectively announced VR casino gambling has arrived.


Changing the Gambling Experience Forever

The innovative mind has no bounds. Who would have thought a casino gaming enthusiast would ever be able to sit in their living room or a coffee shop and play video slots for real cash? Done! Now, the best software developers are offering to bring the entire casino gambling experience right to the player’s PC or mobile device. The sights, the sounds and the payouts will all be intact. After a moment of reflection, what could possibly be next?


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