Viking Rage Tower Defence Coming To HTC Vive

Viking Rage Tower Defence Coming To HTC Vive
April 11, 2017

Viking Rage is a VR tower defence game where the player is directly in the middle of the action, wielding crossbows, axes and bombs to keep trolls, kobolds and other mythical monsters away from your village.

An element of strategy comes in, since the player also has the option of setting traps and using different kinds of terrain to their advantage. Expect to see icy caves, volcanic mountains and treacherous cliffs as the player is attacked by dragons and wargs in a low-poly fantasy environment.


Tower defence games are becoming increasingly popular on VR platforms, such as Siege Hammerand Oculus Game Jam finalist Atop The Wizard’s Tower.

The game is being developed by N-Gon Entertainment and published by German studio Headup Games. It is expected to be released on Steam on April 28th 2017 exclusive to HTC Vive.


You can watch the announcement trailer below.

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